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We use our experience as serial entrepreneurs and innovators to help start-ups and established companies bring business dreams to life.

Want to launch a new product? Reach new markets? Embrace digital tools? Disrupt your sector?

Hit Squad can help you make it happen. Fast

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Need marketing that makes you money?

We are ruthless about our marketing profitability.

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Need digital transformation?

Our in-house developers will build everything you need.

What clients say about us

“It’s great to work with people who have been where you want to be, and know what it takes to succeed. It’s easy for agencies to talk about what they can do for you, but how many can actually show you how they built their own businesses? I really appreciated that.”

Michael S.

Client (Christchurch)

“I have really appreciated the great communication and speed things have moved at throughout the project. I would recommend Hit Squad to anyone wanting to work with people who make you feel like they’re part of your team. These guys know what they’re doing.”  

Laurie M.

Client (Christchurch)

“It’s not easy to run a campaign that works in our industry. Many have tried, and many have lost a LOT of money. Our campaign was hugely successful because the Hit Squad team were in it to win. It was obvious. And you have to appreciate that.”

Patrick P.

Client (West Coast)

“We didn’t know anything about marketing strategy before we started working with Hit Squad. All we did know is that there are plenty of people out there that will promise you the world and take your money. It was great to get to work with a team that were willing to put skin in our game, and think beyond the first invoice. We have no regrets.”

Susan D.

Client (Hawkes Bay)
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